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Month: August, 2001

Netfirms is nice

I got my self an account on They are a pretty good hosting service. You can run cgi scripts too. I was originally running my cgi scripts off a server at work, but we took that server down during the summer. I lost all my cgi scripts… sucks… Anyways, I made a new bAdkOde.cgi file and this one has a counter. Yeah yeah… there’s that stupid ad banner on the top. But no biggie… Oh yes… REMEMBER to ALWAYS put Content-type: text/html on top of html pages generated by cgi… I ALWAYS forget that…


Ah yes. You all are probably wondering where I went. I wasn’t anywhere near operating distance of a computer since May 17 and upto July 26. Why? Well, this is because I was at Fort Jackson, South Carolina undergoing Basic Combat Training to become a soldier in the US Army. You all are probably wondering if I am insane. No, not really. I did this because it really helps me with my college money. Keep getting good grades and they pay 75% of my tuition. Awesome eh? Anyways, it was quite an experience. One that I will never forget and one that in a strange and bizarre way, kind of enjoyed. I’m fitter than ever… and more confident that I have ever been. It was just absolutely amazing. Well, so now I’m back to my usual existence as a Computer Engineer. Not many changes on this page. I put in some JavaScript to check on screen resolution. You will be redirected to another page if your resolution is not 1024×768. I also updated the ISG Message Board link to point to a new one. CoolBoard shut down for some reason. The new one is EZBoard. The About Me section has also been updated. So if you care to be bored out of your mind, go ahead and take a look. That’s all…

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