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Month: May, 2000

Trouble accessing Message Board

This is with reference to the Message Board. I’ve been having trouble accessing it lately and I wonder if you have as well. It’s probably something to do with their server and hopefully they should have it fixed soon. Well… I’m enjoying my freedom… it is absolutely cool! Heheheheh. Updates… hmmm… I have to see when I get some time… I’ll do SOMETHING. Don’t worry =). Alright then… I’m gonna go and sleep… gotta wake up tomorrow to go somewhere… Cya!

Metallica Still Sucks

Hmmm… apparently the proposed solution to avoid Metallica’s ban doesn’t seem to work. I think that they put a file on your machine somewhere that they can identify and hence label you as “banned”. The IP/Username theory doesn’t seem to be the answer. A change or IP and username seems to have no effect on the ban. I’m at a loss to explain how they have done this, but bottom line is THIS SUCKS! I’m sure someone somewhere is going to come up with a hack for this pretty soon. And Metallica still doesn’t know absolutely anything about iMesh…

Metallica Sucks

Hey! How’s it going? My exams get over tomorrow… actually TODAY!!!… YESSSSS!!!! HAHAHAHA! Free at last… three glorious weeks of doing what I like most – ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Except playing StarCraft and watching TV and partying and stuff like that… Oh yes… So Metallica has gone and tattled on Napster. Publicity stunt. Well, a certain someone I know, got banned because of that. But I there is a way to get around it. I believe Napster has banned people based on the IP/Username combination. If you have a dynamic IP then I guess you should have no problem. First of all, uninstall Napster and then re-install it (Beta 6 is out). When it asks you if you want to use the existing user, click “No”. Now use a different name. It should let you log in. This certain someone I know, couldn’t at first so he unplugged his DSL modem (yeah… he has a DSL modem too) and plugged it back in so that he got a new IP adress. That got him through. As a disclaimer, this information is for educational purposes only and you agree that you will not hold me responsible for the legal consequences (if any) that might arise from the use of this information. Well… I guess that’s it. So I’ll see you all after the exams… I’ll put stuff here… If I’m not having too much fun that is! 😉 Adios!

DSL Kicks Ass!

Hey everyone… Finals are here and they get over on the 10th… so you MIGHT see stuff up here. I’m thinking of doing a little work on the links page and adding some stuff here and there. I should be getting my scanner this week. HP said that they’re gonna send me a new one. You should be seeing some pics here then. As for the DSL, I must say it TOTALLY ROCKS!!! I’m doing 640kbps upstream… heheheh awesome huh? Right… I have to go now and do a CSE assignment… so I’ll see you all after the finals. Later…

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