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Month: January, 2000

Link to HyperNews taken down

I’ll have to take down the link to Marc’s forum in the face of certain difficulties. Apparently, we’re having problems legitimizing the whole thing. I doubt I have any choice in the matter… Adios and take care!

Link to Hypernews Updated

Alright… the link to “HyperNews” has been updated to Marc’s forum. On a question of technicality, Marc’s CSE210 is not”HyperNew”, but rather PHPSlash that he’s using. The link points to that site now. I could change the image file to reflect this change, but I’m too lazy. Anyways, HyperNews has kinda become synonymous with a forum where we post our questions and woes on CS… So even though it’s a misnomer, I guess it’s good enough! Ok you losers from ISG… Don’t you have ANYTHING to write? I have something REALLY cool to write, but I won’t unless you people post something first! >=(. Anyways, I have to go now. Cya

ISG Message Board back up

The Message Board is back up! It happened right after I updated this page. The CSE210 forum is also working. I’ll be leaving the link here as a backup in the event that something happens to Marc’s forum (I doubt anything will happen). You guys, write something on that message board ok? Please?!

ISG Message Board down. New link to Hypernews

The ISG Message Board is down for some reason. I’m not sure why, but I think the entire InsideTheWeb server is down. I don’t know how long it will stay like that… please bear with me. Oh and the CSE210 forum here, is being discontinued. Marc has got a better version up and running… WITHOUT the banner ads!

Some updates…

Hey guyz! Will someone write something on that message board? I’m tired of seeing those old messages… What’s happening?? How’s the new semester!! Nimish! I know you’re accessing it! I can see you! Write something! Okay.. on to new stuff. I’ve updated the About Me section. No Pics, I’ve rewritten the entire thing. Read it if you want. I think I will be busy all of new week. I have to figure out the entire process for my classes and essentially get used to the new schedule. Wish me luck! Well, that’s pretty much it! I’m thinking of starting work sometime on the guest book. I’d like to write it in Perl and have a CGI script. I can’t use CGI here as there is a security issue… I’ll think of something! Anywayz, that’s all! I’d better go now! Cya!

Changed this page around and added Hypernews…

Hey everyone! As you can see, I’ve done a major overhaul on my page. Changed the interface completely, but had to use (yuck) frames… Sorry!! Ok… what else? The interface is simple. It’s essentially a control panel. Hope you like it… you’d better… I spent hours working on that baby! Second semester started… it’s okay but looks to be tons of work. I’ll try and put more stuff up here. For all you CSE210 people, click HyperNews to access the message board! Well, that’s all!

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